Tuesday, January 17, 2006

17 Jan 2006

It’s not easy to type diaries in my office these days. I have moved from the original “centred” position I was sitting in the office to a new seat which is on the “border”. Theoretically it should give me more chance of doing things that others can’t see but this office really designed in a good way…you screen is showering to everybody no matter where you sit. Even those sitting at the back row who thought no one could see what they’re doing on the computer actually had their images reflected on the huge glass window behind them.

Shall I say exquisite?


We hear from time to time that “love is something difficult to explain” or something like that. It’s something that makes you think so much of it’s meaning. We all hear that so much from our everyday lives.

But what about career? Does anyone think that “career is something difficult to explain”? had anyone think what is the meaning of career in one’s life? We all know that you should do something you like it, but does that mean turning your hobbies into your job / career / occupation / (whatever English terms out there)? How do you balance life and job? Except money, why are you working for what you are doing?

Ok, you might think I will give a thought on the above questions, ya? In fact, I’m not. I’m just asking, I don’t like to be too philosophical at times. It drives you crazy, and I prefer stick to be lame sane enough.


So many scandals and malfunctions around the KCR these days. It really remind us the differences between British-management-style MTR and Chinese-management-style KCR. We won’t go deep into the topic, let’s just stick to the surface – and the surface of KCR’s trains is uglier than MTR’s for million times enough. Jesus Christ, who the f**k propose using this blue body and red doors and yellow bands…even the circus train is better than that!


My Big boss is really a fun guy (sometimes). One day when he was whistling in the office (yes this is HIS office, he is everything), the rhythm is just so familiar to all of us. In fact, we are surprised to find out that he is whistling 月亮代表我的心 by 鄧麗君! And hey! He’s a Gweilo! He’s a Dane and he’s listening to Teresa Tang’s songs! Haha. Music has no boundary. Then he’s enthusiastically asking us whether we have listen to her songs before. Of course we do, we’re HKers from the 80s! (me from the 90s, please be noted)


You know, I’m starting to think I should go back to the university to study instead of coming out of the society to work. It just doesn’t suit me. Yes I know it’s just escaping. I know.


Sometimes I really miss the days of last summer, when I can do whatever I like to everyday, and I can bathe under the sunshine in the nice beach / swimming pools…I wish I can have those days again. Whenever I don’t want to work, my minds would be drifted to those days again. I don’t fancy having a lot of money, I don’t fancy having well-paid jobs without working, I fancy those days.

Those summer days.


Suddenly became busy for a moment when boss tell me to help him do some stuff, haha, so happy, finally have something different to do (although very easy jobs)

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