Wednesday, July 13, 2011



但由於本少爺實在係懶到出汁的關係,請各位睇下以下的報導節錄。係我足足禁左 CTRL+C 同 CTRL+V 四粒掣好辛苦咁拿來俾大家睇架(仲唔謝主隆恩?!)

National Geographic Special Report - The End of Plenty

...For as tasty as that sweet-and-sour pork may be, eating meat is an incredibly inefficient way to feed oneself. It takes up to five times more grain to get the equivalent amount of calories from eating pork as from simply eating grain itself—ten times if we're talking about grain-fattened U.S. beef...

...Even China, the second largest corn-growing nation on the planet, can't grow enough grain to feed all its pigs. Most of the shortfall is made up with imported soybeans from the U.S. or Brazil, one of the few countries with the potential to expand its cropland—often by plowing up rain forest. Increasing demand for food, feed, and bio­fuels has been a major driver of deforestation in the tropics...

(listen, folks, LISTEN! We're talking about clearing the lungs of the Earth to feed us pathetic gluttons! No, it's Tommy's own opinion, not the NG's. They don't think we're pathetic gluttons, I'm pretty sure...or do they?)







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