Thursday, December 15, 2005

15 Dec 2005

Can anyone tell me what the hell are the Korean farmers are thinking?!

They are experienced, they are organized, they are structure, they planned, they trained, they rehearsed and of course, they prepared.

This is no demonstration, I can definitely tell you. Their actions proved far beyond demonstration are not their ultimate want. I really do not understand why do the police conform to that primal violence that could only be out of some uneducated rioters. They don’t just want to tell, they want to catch attention and demonstrate their power.

Just as the editorials of so many newspaper these two days commented, things had gone too far from just being protesting. They are showing to the world that they have the power to bulldoze the way. And they have the will to do so.

I have thought of two things afterwards, one is about the police the other is about the farmers.

For the police.

If they keep on the absolute defence strategy, they will be able to keep the farmers still away from the venue. So far, the farmers can’t do much except grabbing some shields out in the chaos. On the police side, however, they will be gaining sympathy from the public because they are trying to be very “gentle” towards the protestors. However, they are not gaining respect because they are relatively coward then the imaginative situation that police should be “suppressing” the protestors instead of “fending” them off. Both ways will earn some reputation, though.

For the farmers.

There is no sign of easing or retreating. Escalating tension and violence is expected. When the agricultural products issues discussed in the convention do not provide a satisfactory consensus, which VERY probably won’t, he farmers will probably throw everything they have to the police. By everything it could mean physical objects, human resources, tactics…I mean, to civilians of Hong Kong, it’s better to stay home that day.

What I thought for the farmers are not mainly about this. What I thought is: they are so angry, they are so outrageous, they will give their lives to demonstrate to the people.

What for? What is their driving force?

Maybe the answer is simply “because their livelihood is really gravely endangered” and “because Korean cultures are very extreme and resolute”. But I’m more 陰謀論者. I think someone is behind, stirring up their emotions further in order to use their forces and their united spirits against the WTO. Well you might think I’m crazy to think so, but there could be a high chance that this is true. You see, how many Korean farmers are well-educated actually? It’s always easier to coax illiterate into upheaval than those intelligent ones. And mind you, people who are against WTO are not just Korean farmers. They come from all over the world, including western countries. What’s better than having a large team of “strike force” with unlimited courage and energy and the willingness to die for? And is free? And is easily stirred? And is in large amount? And is easily persuaded?

Man, these orcs are even better than those produced by Mordor!

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