Friday, December 02, 2005

2 Dec 2005

Almost everyone knows me aware of my almost-addictive attitude towards video games and computer games. However, I’m not as everyone thought as to be having a lot of “investments” into those things. Actually, I didn’t bought any new game consoles ever since Playstation one.

You might wonder why I didn’t buy PS2. Well, I can’t think of a reason too. When I was in secondary school, I know that I don’t have the money to buy it. My parents don’t like me to do so, too. They think that I’m too addicted to such things that hampered my social developments, my time spending with family, and also to my health. The most important reason is my brother. When my bad habits towards video games are magnified to a level of several times, that’s him. And worse, he isn’t performing too well in school. To my parents, academic performance is a prerequisite for anything. I was lucky to be having better results, so I have more bargaining power towards my parents and have less discipline. My brother, on the other hand, ain’t so lucky.

I guess it’s more family matter than myself, to a certain extent.

Moreover, that time I was living in the hostel in university. I seldom go back home. I just love the hostel, everything it has. Within there, I don’t need PS2 to make myself happy. I have plenty of things to do in university, and they are giving me satisfaction and happiness far more than a game machine. Those were the days that I was feeling I’m doing something meaningful in my life.

Now, the days of “don’t know what I’m doing” is back again, just like those days when I was in secondary school and don’t know what I’m doing everyday. There is no excitement and there is no fulfilment. You feel like live every day yet you also feel dying every day. Playing computer games become so attractive and so escape out of the reality. I can’t help myself from stop playing.

Recently I would like to play PS2 again. Although I know that it’s very late as a follower to buy this…but hey, there’s going to be a lot of games out there. And now I finally have the money to buy this piece of thing that I wanted for such a long time already.

I know there are going to be a lot of new things coming out of the market. But you know, new things are always the most expensive. Just like few years ago when PS2 was introduced to the market, everyone is crazily going after it. Now everyone is still crazily playing it, but not to the extent that will be so expensive. And technology advanced to a level that using no-disc can also play it.

The new things that I know would be Xbox 360, which is out in the marketing already. The other two things will be Revolution, by Nintendo (poor, they were once the king in the market when Super Famicom was still the main stream). I’ve watched the promotion video clip and found their technology really kind of amazes me. Wow, games are now no longer games. I wish I were born later, so that I can have more chance to play those new things…

The other one, of course, is PS3. I’m not sure what time will it be released. But since the fame and popularity of PS2 is so damn overwhelming…ya, you know.

Just when I was outside for lunch, I saw on some video games magazine telling that the Xbox 360 is having some poor quality consoles. This greatly ruins the image of the newly marketed game console. Not difficult to think of, so as the price of it. It was once speculated to rocketing high prices but now, according to the magazine, can be bought at around 1200. My goodness, that is even cheaper than PS2 to ANY extent.

I think I will buy PS2 very soon. But I hope I can find a second-hand one, because it will take some time before I feel safe to buy the next generation one, either Revolution or Xbox360 (good quality version) or PS3.

Anyone who has second-hand PS2? Or a cheap new one?

Countdown to Christmas’s Eve: 22 Days
Countdown to New Year’s Eve: 29 Days

We’re in the DECEMBER now~~~YEAH

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