Friday, December 09, 2005

9 Dec 2005

Well, I’m finally graduated from the university. And I’m a man now not a boy anymore, though I totally don’t think so.

You know what? Sometimes you dream of something to happen in your life, and you still fancy it even though you’re getting older. And one day when your dream comes true, you don’t feel like happy as if the TV commercials do. You just go through it, nothing special.

This is what my university ceremony gives me feels like.

Can’t imagine everyone is being so calm, including me. This is a monumental moment for our families, for the one who loves us. Yet, we are very unimpressed by the moment. Part of it might be because we feel like we are almost obliged and certain to be graduated than with our hard-work and luck.

Maybe because there are too much resource around for us to use. Take a look around. We are blessed with so much funding into the education system that makes studying in the university possible. And the strange system of it guarantee almost everyone to be graduated. How can people feel gratified if everything around them is taken for granted?

If it wasn’t that my parents and relatives were so overjoyed for my graduation, I would have never give a thought on this. Friends around me are just as calm (or emotionless) as I do. We were very passionate and excited this April, when we first try to put on our gowns and take photos with friends and hose everyone else with champagne. We cherished the moment, just for fun.

The meaning behind is loosing. And I can’t see the coming generation will tighten it up.


When will my passion come back?
When did I turn to be so apathetic?


Countdown to Christmas’ Eve: 13 Days (entering the fortnight…Prepare yourselves!)
Countdown to New Year’s Eve: 20 Days

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