Monday, February 13, 2006

13 Feb 2006

I really can’t believe it but that happened.

I’m sure the severe air pollution yesterday contributed to the large number of participants reported suffering cramps and short of breath and other illnesses during the marathon. However, someone from the editorials also pointed out that many of the participants are inexperienced, ill-trained amateur runners who can barely finish even the 10k run.

The prize is raised, and the atmosphere is raised as well. More and more people are interested in joining into the long run for either money, challenge, or simply for fun.

But absolutely not for the chance of being a living dead for the rest of your life.

Few days ago I was jogging around my home and saw someone wearing the tracksuit for the marathon this year. However, from this appearance and his shape, I am sure that he’s no runner at all. I’m pretty sure if that guy didn’t know his limits yesterday, he could have very probably one of the 5000 victims. Hong Kong loves vanity, loves ranking and loves fame. But the record-breaking number of 5000 injuries and illness from a single sports event…is INfamous instead.

God bless the patients in the hospital, especially those who are severely injured.

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