Wednesday, February 15, 2006

15 Feb 2006

Another new phase in my job

Well by this title I don’t actually means that I am shifted to a new post nor do I actually have a new job to do, which is surely misleading by this title. What I mean actually is that I am entering a new “boring” phase in my work. I’m experiencing a different psychological stage in my job now.

Originally I was feeling extremely bored in my office. Then as I started to adapt to the working environment of office, I start to get unhealthy, and almost stopped exercising. Life inside and outside work is both dull. I tried to keep myself alive.

Then I started to learn the ways to surf the internet in the office, to use MSN Web messenger on the internet daringly, to kill time easily by searching things in Wikipedia. That really helped. Sometimes I find some ad hoc tasks to do to kill some time too. I was spending a whole lot easier times, especially when those people that can see what I’m doing on my screen are left for business trips. It’s heaven here (in a jail’s sense).

Now the freshness of these activities are gone and I went stale again. I know “stale” this word doesn’t really suit describing my situation now, but I found this world appallingly close to what I think of myself for the time being.

Well, there are many wishes in my heart. I wish for a better job, which means I should start finding now. But if I am really able to find a new job, then it means I have to start working again without break…which I wait for so long. I wish for the summer holidays back. So it is best that my break between the jobs is in the mid-summer, where the weather is hottest, sweat is heaviest, girls are hottest, clothes are least and the sun is shiniest! YEAH SUNSHINE!







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