Friday, February 24, 2006

24 Feb 2006

Good day,

These two weeks my boss is going on a business trip again. What’s more, all of the big bosses will go too because they are going for a management meeting. How grand it sounds like. Anyway, all I care about is whether there is anyone who can see what I’m doing on my screen. Besides that, nothing really bothers me.

So it’s just this long time of boss-free situation that makes me think of what I can do while I’m in the office and when no one can see what I’m doing. You know, my office is an open one and everyone can see what the others are doing at the same time. I wonder when will they start to put people to sit in a big circle so that everyone is being watched while watching the others….

Well let’s go back to what thought of doing. Actually I had brought along with me the travelogue (or just diary) of the Taiwan field trip we had in the Christmas of 2004. I loved the trip so much and I would really want turn back time to be there once again (though impossible). So maybe by preparing this diary to be published online will make me reminiscent of the old memories again. So I brought along to the office with me this several pieces of loose paper.

Those are pieces of paper from the old schedule book that the CUHK SU distributes to everyone in our university. When I was packing my luggage for the trip, I thought of bringing some kind of note pad with me so that I can write down what exactly do I feel during the different moments in my travel. I have this idea when I was just about to finish up my packing and lock the luggage.

During my Taiwan trip, I tried to squeeze time to write as many as I can when I have the time. Most of the times, those are situation where everyone is sleeping sweetly on the coach with their friends, while I’m staying awake to write on that little piece of paper at the end of the aisle (where I was miserably seated) with dim light on unstable seat. Reading back the pieces of notes now, sometimes I really don’t know what I have written on the pieces of paper. But I can still see through the papers to see my happiness or unhappiness (or sleepiness) during the time I was writing on the shaking and bumping coach.

There were so many memories during the 9-day trip. There were so many.

During these two days I have been reading what I wrote on the paper. It wasn’t a lot, but the writings are so poorly-written that it takes me more time to read than to digest. Just when I thought that after I read them all, I should have a good grasp of what I should type as a complete diary, I saw something that shocked me and don’t know how to continue.

Day one, typed. No problem.
Day two, missing. Nothing written about it
Day three, written in details. good
Day four, written in superb detail. Almost can do read-and-type.
Day five, nothing. Only a ? mark was written. What the F was I doing.
Day six, written only 4-5 sentences. Better than nothing, but isn’t far from it anyway.
Day seven, nothing written. Not even the set of words “Day 7 – “
Day eight, words recording my emotion that time, but I don’t know what was I thinking. So, again, useless.
Day nine, same as Day seven, not a word was written.

I flip through all the pages and desperately searching for more words or more hidden messages that I stupidly created for myself but there just wasn’t anything.

My goodness. How can I continue to prepare the travel diary if my records are presented in such a poor manner? With so many days of missing and useless info?

The only way to rebuild the data, as far as I can think of, is from looking at the photos taken. And this cannot be done within the office, everyone knows.

Ohhh….I have no idea what to do.

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