Tuesday, November 15, 2005

15 Nov 2005

Very tired. I'm just too tired to work today.

Last night my mother need someone to help her to input quite a lot of data into her company's system in order to generate some presentations for meeting the deadline today. And that was already early in the morning (I would say it's early in the morning rather than late at night, you know). I just don't want to continue when she keeps on pulling me from sleeping and help her finish with all the input.

During daytime I have my whole day facing the computer doing everything with "data" already. And now when I'm back at home, late at night, my mom would keep on pressing me to do something that I don't want to do. That's not the main point.

She keeps on depriving my sleeping time, and that's the main point out of all!

I could hardly make it to the office today if I'm not having several alarms at a time. I hate the feeling of doing something so monotonous with such sleepiness. I'm ok to deal with sleepiness when things are neeeded to be done, such things happened often during university. But not when I'm doing something that...seemingly can be done at anytime with any pace, I'm prone to inefficiency then. Everyone does, I reckon.


This two days we are having a management level meeting in our office. Most of the management from the Asian offices are coming to HK to have their meetings. My boss had meeting with them yesterday as well. It was a very quiet day. It's the same situation here today, except that my boss left silent for his business trip again. And again, he didn't tell me anything beforehand.

After the lunch, the managers all come back to the office and start to work. Then the worst thing happened: someone smokes in the office! The smell is SOOO damn offensive that I feel that I can't breathe! There wasn't much fresh air in this office for all of us already. There's really no point in aggravating the situation to suffocate of all us! My god! I have to go outside just for a deep breathe of some not-so-fresh-but-better-than-smoke-polluted air.

I'm feeling very, very sleepy now...anyone know what's the cure for hypoxia? help....

Countdown to Christmas' Eve: 38 Days
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