Tuesday, November 08, 2005

8 Nov 2005

This is definitely the sick week.

First I had the flu. Every time the city has the epidemic flu that rages around the region I must be one of the pioneers for it. Last time I shared the flu that spreads all over Hong Kong with all other patients is around March something. That time the loss is tragic, I can say. I missed my chance of going to Thailand together with my family, not to say the loss of money…though there was insurance claim.

Then I had the gastritis. Well of course I don’t know this English name until I check the doctor’s certificate. It doesn’t hurt me much. But feeling the pain at 4 in the morning is definitely torturing. I just can’t work the next day without sleeping all night.

Now I’m back to work. There’s something about the work that I don’t like now.

So many entries in the database are duplicates. Some are easier to identify, some are just as complicated and sophisticated as the authentic one. You can never distinguish which one is an extra one that should be removed. Sometimes the duplicates can even appear in the Operations System, Invoicing system, or even the accounting system! My goodness. How can the brokers use some poorly-spelled names on invoices? If any legal arguments are to be involved, we are definitely going to be on the disadvantaged side.

Then of course anyone with some sense will try to seek help. So do I. I sent mails to various brokers for various entries to ask for their help. The result? 95% of them do NOT answer my mails. Our intricate system allows us to see who had read your mail. And 100% of them had read my mails already, as I can see from the system. That means, they read the mail and do not reply, even if it’s a personal, internal mail to them.

Christ’s sake…what’s happening? Am I really such a disposable man that doesn’t deserve some attention or respect? I know I’m doing something that seems very meaningless but that’s not so. At least, I believed not so. For just answering me “yes A is the real one B is useless entry” you can help the poor little kid struggling with the database everyday.

Why are you guys just so apathetic? Please.

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