Friday, November 25, 2005

25 Nov 2005

Back a few months ago, while the summer heat is still high and the sun is still the beautiful mid-summer firewall, there was a nice young boy who goes to swimming almost everyday. He wasn’t really going to swim like fish, though, he’s just enjoying the water, enjoy the freedom of movement (without others’ laughing), enjoy the summer’s heat, enjoy the big bright sunshine, enjoying the tanned and beautiful crowd, enjoying the summer, enjoying the atmosphere. He was in good shape. I mean, eh, he was in a much better shape. And he didn’t care whether he looks good or he looks not good enough.

Then the young man found a job and started working 10-7 each day. Because of the extraordinarily silent and motionless environment in the office that he’s working in, and because his boss is just sitting very NEXT to him, he feels great pressure every time he tries to walk away to do at least some stretching. The first two week of working, to him, is a total torture. Every muscle in his body is yelling and complaining from actively moving everyday to total sedentary, total handicapped on the chair, in front of the monitor, everyday.

But human are surprising creates. They can easily adapt to different environment. After one and a half month, the young man is used to the severely handicapped-style, stick-you-ass-to-the-chair-all-day working style. Slowly, his body is disintegrating from inside. And he can do nothing over it because there are many watchful eyes in the office. He knows he’s decaying, with a visible speed and a tangible touch.

Two month’s over, the young man had decayed so fast to a rate that he can’t even walk too fast. His legs are totally crippled (metaphorically speaking, of course). His arms are so weak that even he’s leaning his head upon his arms, his arms are too tired to support them, shown by shaking and shaking. His waist, however, keeps bulging and bulging. That is the part where the body seats and there is the part where the excess energy is stored. That is also the part where his body moves least, if any.

The young man is very sad. He can do nothing over it while overlooking himself getting worse. He can’t swim under the sun because he never sees it in weekdays. He can’t jog because after dinner it’s too tired already. He can’t move his body because that shows he’s too impatient on his job, which is way too visible for his boss 1m away from him. He’s bored, he’s tired, and he’s dissatisfied. He knows this happens to nearly every job in the world, and that’s what makes him even more dejected.

Before, he can put on pants with 32inch waist…….then he has to wear 33…..then 34……and coming 35….just within 3 months!!!!

Question: how many days can his meat and fat feed another person if he’s being hunted down in a no-man island?

Answer: at least a year…I guess.



Tell you something…

…it’s only one month from the Christmas~~~~Yeh~~~~~

Countdown to Christmas’s Eve: 28 Days
Countdown to New Year’s Eve: 36 Days

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