Friday, October 14, 2005

14 Oct 2005

As some of you might aware, this diary is typed in English (of course, I don’t treat you all as nuts, unlike how my mom treats me). This reason is that this diary is being typed in my office while it’s still office hour and I should be working in front of the computer instead of typing diary. But today something never happened before really happened now. My boss left me and had his (believed to be) sick leave.

Not difficult to guess because his face doesn’t look good at all during the whole morning and it’s not difficult to guess that he’s already in sick. I just didn’t expect he will leave suddenly during the lunch without even telling me! His own “horse son” directly under him! Eh…I really don’t know what he’s thinking.

Anyway, here I am, in the office, in the afternoon, having nothing to do. I wish I can type Chinese diary but you know, I’m working in a Danish company. Everything here appears on the screen in every computers are all English. It’s really far too easy to see that you are doing something unrelated to the company when there is Chinese on your screen.

Not even write. Everything that I have written so far are also in English. So I can’t do much in Chinese. And even though my boss had left already there are still many people around that can see what is appearing on my screen. So above this diary is actually a decoy of a piece of e-mail that I used to send everyday to all the offices in our company (some kind of stupid announcement). To really avoid the others from seeing, I have to lower the size of display from 100% of the real document to 88%, which both Viola and I think it’s a very good zooming proportion for doing documents.

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