Wednesday, October 19, 2005

19 Oct 2005


The time now is 1449 in the afternoon. My stomach is filed with the lunch that doesn’t worth the price itself. Bloods are keep flowing to the stomach to help with the arduous digestion below the ever-growing belly of mine. My brain is starting to feel dehydrogenated. While at this moment I really need some excitement and at least some noise around me, the office is so damn quiet that you will complain the A/C outlet being too noisy. Even typing is too noisy, even there is only two people typing at the moment. Damn. I’m gonna sleep very soon.

I’ve never seen the office so empty in the middle of the day. Now my boss is on annual leave. The big boss is out in France having his training (never heard that a managing director needs “training” too). The admin manager is still on her maternity leave. The secretary is now outside nowhere to be found (guess she’s down there in the HR Dept).

S&P Dept originally has 4 persons. Now 2 left for China to deal business. One left for nowhere…yes, everyone here can disappear in nowhere. The remaining one is a newcomer, and he’s really the only one remained now can see what I’m doing in my computer. If ever he’s going to washroom, I’m really gonna play games on the internet…or at least, solitaire in windows.

The Dry Dept originally has 2 persons. One left for “hanging out” with the client and having expensive lunch with tem in Pacific Place (my goodness). 1 of the 2 dry brokers left. 1 of the 2 accountant ladies left. 1 of the 2 secretaries left. 3 of 3 of the bosses left.

The office is filled with silent joy.

And no matter how many people left in the office. There is only one man that will make the difference (to me).

My boss.

Of course this is very easy to think of, especially when you know that I am just sitting NEXT to my boss everyday. Yes, close and next to. We have no rooms in this office. Everyone is under the same roof (metaphorically and descriptively). So there are basically no secrets or gossips at all around here (and that’s why it’s so damn quiet). Whenever my boss just turn his neck for a little bit, he can see what I’m doing on my screen. He can see everything I am doing even with just a glimpse. Or maybe not even a glimpse, maybe he can sense it with the corner of his eyes.

Now that’s scary, right?

But the good news is, my boss don’t really care what I’m doing. He seldom checks my progress, if any. In fact, he didn’t lay down any rules on how or what to do with the database that I’m handling. There is always the good side and the down side. You can say you are so free to do whatever you like, or you can say you are so ignored that you almost question yourself are you really an employee.

A real DIY job, anyone?

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