Friday, October 21, 2005

21 Oct 2005

Have you ever imagine why are you always so sleepy when you are working? Maybe it's because there is not enough oxygen inside. Just s few weeks back we have heard of a research's results showing that most of the Hong Kong air conditioning is too cold. Actually most of the places in Hong Kong is having a air conditioning too cold problem. even in restaurants, shopping malls, buses (especially buses, they are fridges on wheels).

why is everyone talking about being more "civilized", talking about civil education in the fields of environmental protection, but on the other hand we are doing something that we could have avoided in damging the fragile environment?

i don't know the exact reason for each unit for wasting the energy and creating more CO2, but i guess i am able to summarize / guess some of the reasons out.

the first one i think is because chinese lack the civil heart. we mean civil heart is considering others more than ourselves in a sensible way. the very moment diners walk into the restaurant from the steamy hot street must be expecting a chilling old drink together with a comfortable cool air condition in the restaurant. if this requirement isn't satisfactorily met, either the diner silently complains or just explicitly leave. this is not acceptable to the restaurant, right?

working in office is really damn boring. if the staff is getting dozy during the afternoon then no one will be working...this one will not be tolerated too, right?

in people walk into the shopping mall and discovered that it is as hot as outside, they definitely won't stay any longer. business is flowing to locations with lower temperatures. not good again, right?

i understand the very difficult in hong kong in applying the "fresh air" policy for the premises because no matter which place in hong kong there is no fresh air, especially in the central areas. everyone walking into the area is acting like moving filters help cleaning the city's the cost of their own lives, of course.

but at least, do something about air circulation. trapped air in closed system does nothing good to no one.

no, i'm typing this not because i'm sleepy right now. and, no, it's also not because of i really want to leave the office now. and, of course no, i don't think the air is thick and dirty in the office now. and, i said no already, i don't need a fan to circulate the air in the office although it's cold enough already.

think i'd better bring compressed oxygen canisters (those for scuba diving) next week to goodness...i'm going to faint...@_@

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