Thursday, October 20, 2005

20 Oct 2005

Good morning everyone. This is the everyday direct report from the very busy office, reported by the staff that has almost nothing to do but seeing the others being very busy.

On the headlines:
The coffee machine's water tank ran out of water. People fed in panic. Tommy came and filled the tank. After hours of struggling he finally saved the whole office by refilling the coffee machine. There is no injury in this accident.

Later on, the water dispenser ran out of water too. The government had issued red alert to the public. Supermarkets are loaded with people trying to stock water at their home. Tommy came and appeased the crowd by using his amazing strength to refill the 18L water bottle. Peace and order is again restored.

In the washroom, the boss and Tommy met and had a meeting for 30 seconds. Both declared a closer co-operation in the future. The two leaders agreed to dispose their own WMD, also known as Weapon of Mass Destruction e.g. bad data.

The pantry is running out of teabags. Jasmine and Green tea today had their stock keep falling since the market started. Market speculation is that the share price of Po Lei and red tea is going to rise.

The research on the forth quarter Price Index show a slight rise of 0.5% with a relative increase in bakery products for 10%. It is believed to be caused by the introduction of the Pumpkin and Ham pastry from the Maxim's which is too delicious and inexpensive that Tommy had been purchasing in bulk every morning, pushing the price to a new high. Experts believe that the phenomenon will sustain for a period of time.

The business war of Wrigley's Airwaves (ginger orange flavour) and Wrigley's Doublemint is rising. While Tommy favours the clear flavour freshness of the mint, he also regards the ginger orange as refreshing and revitalizing. Recent studies show that the struggle on chewing gums will not diminished in the near future. Market is observing according to the slack price on the two chewing gums.

The weather:
The thick boredom hanging over Causeway Bay is expected to be staying for the coming few days, or at least as long as someone still working in a stupid post. Some drizzle of excitement will occasionally come during 1230 to 1400, cause unknown. Continuing boredom extends to the rest of the week. The Mind Blankness Index is high to dangerously high, government warns on public health, suggesting staying home instead of working on meaningless duties.

The Mark Six numbers are: 4,14,24,,44,94,104, and the extra number is 0.

And that's the news for this morning. Have a nice (and meaningful) day. Goodbye.

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