Tuesday, October 18, 2005

18 Oct 2005

Last night my parents had ask me about my job again. They asked me whether you would really like to quit or not. I’m not so sure yet. I don’t think I will have any future with this job. And it’s boring anyway. But I don’t know where can I go if I quit this job. I don’t think there is any one else who will be paying me a satisfactory salary for a job that doesn’t really so stressful. This job is lazy and has nothing to do. And I’m receiving a small amount of salary. It’s really like of a retired life in here. Though my boss is just sitting next to me and can easily see what I’m doing, I still feel this job quite good. At least, I’m typing my diary now.

But leaving this job…the feeling is like leaving a greenhouse when you have been in there for quite a long time. Therefore I don’t know how to deal with the feelings that I am going to have when I leave here.

My father suggest me to go study a part-time master degree, taking the advantage of this very free and boring job. I know, but I’ve never thought of what else to study. I felt like I had wasted 3 years of time in GRM already. I really don’t want to make another wrong decision anymore.

Sometimes I ask myself. Did I really wasted that 3 years of time? Will I really be much more happy when I am in another study? Will I be more happy in another busy job? Will I be really more happy when I’m not working in a job that fits my character?


Thousands of questions.

I recall my dad saying something to my mom, saying that she “won’t buy Mark Six that doesn’t win”

Explain next time.

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