Wednesday, February 12, 2003

12 Feb 2003

Long time ago during the CA lessons in F.6, i was totally bored by the teachings within and the dull voice of the teacher. Facing a great pile of white notes with computer jargons filling up the whole paper, I excelled my poem/ literature potential on it. Being affected by the romanticism toward the world of swordsmanship, at that time I wrote something like this, which made me very satisfied at that time, and even now. That's why I tried to find the pile of notes from the dump of chaotic items in my room.

劍斷 人亡 情猶在
悲泣 淒號 天蒼茫
難捨 難忘 實還虛
此情 若久 來生聚

At that time I thought this was really a good poem which could describe my own world of imagination...which I don't think the others will understand the mind of a silly little boy like me. Although now looking back, this poem is obviously not as fluent or splendid as those great scholars did, but this is the best that I can do. Why am I writing this here is mainly because, when someday I really accidentally thrown away this pile of notes, I would have thrown away something I was fond of myself forever! So actually this online diary is partly served as an online literature warehouse...sounds freaky, right? Forget it if you don't get my meaning, anyway.

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