Sunday, September 14, 2003

14 Sep 2003

九月十四呢個日子一直以黎對我都有唔少的意義。因為呢一日就係 signify 我大左一歲的日子。
今年的意義其實應該都唔少, 因為我今年正式變左二十歲的日子。唉, 咁就變左二十歲, 唔再係 TEENager.
No special celebration. No party. No freaking out. Normal and Calm and Peaceful.
very normal.
at night, dinner with parents in Spice Market, my favourite (and expensive, wow) Buffet.

normal, but, happy.
when i backed to my hall, there are a lot of ICQ mesages and i can see them really congratulating me.
i really appreciated that. i love them all.

this will be my 20th birthday
no more teenager.

shall i grow up / pretend to be grow up?
or should i stay stupid / pretend to be stupid?

god knows.

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